Jim Collis
Jim Collis has owned and operated Collis Prosthodontic Laboratory since 1980. The lab specializes in high quality removable prosthodontics and laser welding, and primarily serves a select clientele of dental offices in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Jim has also previously served on the faculty of Northwestern University Dental School as an instructor in the Junior/Senior laboratory for ten years. In that capacity, he presented numerous courses to the dental school students on prosthetics including: advanced esthetics pertaining to removable prosthodontics, fixed work, and advanced attachment and implant techniques.

He has presented lectures and hands-on clinics at venues throughout the United States, Canada and Germany. He is a consultant for several companies in the industry Including Vident, GC America and Renfert USA. Jim possesses a degree in Dental Technology from Triton College, and has been a Certified Dental Technician for over thirty years.